Most People In Power Are Foolish, Why?

Power is a complete anti-intellectual component of life. Every individual will somehow be situated in a phase of life where conscientiously have to choose between becoming powerful or knowledgeable. I am so convinced that no one will astonish the number of people who chose power over knowledge. From power bred various versions of authoritative figures.

Authoritative figures invariably covet more recognition and consistently searching for ways to reinforce their status. Those who crave power are deliberately being anti-intellectual, discourages critical thinking. Being knowledgeable and sensible is to be reasonable with logic, sceptic and question every possible doubtful behaviour of an authoritative figure. The often conspicuous pattern of their game habitually leverages the existing common beliefs of their spectators or listeners. For instance, most politicians as authoritative figures on the high tables, leveraging religion to push their manifesto and agenda. Reanimation of their version of reality is what usually done, they made their points but the facts say otherwise. Their version of reality is reanimated for manipulating whatever information available at that time, somehow far-fetched.

The danger of this bias is followed by intense arrogance, pure ignorance and fabrication of the fact in the way they seem pleased. Manipulation is the ultimate symbol of every power-hunger individual. They often assert ridiculous beliefs to their audiences and expect nothing but submission. 

It is no surprise that most politicians utterly speaks nothing but vanity as intelligence is not required in order to be in power. How worst can our world be in forthcoming years governed by authority biased men? 

“They only listens to you if you are famed”

We lived in a society. People began to listen to you only if you are on the high table regardless of what you had done or what you want to be. For instance, suppose a celebrity murdered his mother in his basement, he will legitimately get away from any hatred from anyone or get punished as long as he is a celebrity.

It saddens me to see people no longer interested in gaining knowledge as in 19 century. Back then Knowledge is an attractive topic, but now twerking and being naked is the common topic.

Someday when sapiens are wiped out from this planet, not because we obsessed with a bunch of current bollocks, but because of ignorance.

Application For White Flag Campaign (Bendera Putih)

During this time, I am strongly convinced that most of Malaysians are aware of the White Flag[1] campaign now. Amid this time, I am emphatically persuaded that most of Malaysians are mindful of the White Flag campaign presently. Which is the development where those citizens will get help or budgetary offer assistance who are in middle of hardship amid this widespread by raising or waving the white hail. So I as a computer program design, I can’t do offer assistance much but making a stage accessible to everyone who does offer assistance those in need. At this minute I had created an Android application with the foremost Straightforward and moderate client interface for both “Those who need to Assist ” and “Those who look for Help“. At the starting of this thought of making the application, [2] I was distrustful and cynical around whether any Malaysians would bolster this. Some way or another I overseen to convey to generation notwithstanding of the number of supports. Recently, I caught the news on the government are giving summons to those who raised their ‘Flags’. [3] So I took steps. Either genuine or wrong. Malaysians require a stage where we offer assistance those in need. It is completely a squander of time depending on or bouncing on the government.

Thusly I displaying you the Screenshots of the application:

The Alpha version in Play Store: (STABLE VERSION)

The Beta version available here : (ONLY FOR TESTER)

For those who would want to develop for IOS or Web feel free to email me for the API

Lastly , I also had created a forum:



[1] White Flag Malaysia:

[2] Bendera Putih App:

[3] Mufti Disapprove White Flag :

Malaysian Customers Are The Most Low Life Ever!

Throughout my career as a Software Engineer, I do have a full-time job and frequently do freelancing for passionate fun. I did enjoy my freelancing job with the different cultures of the customers. I do not have any problems with my customers who are polite, friendly and professional. But as for the case for my own country, Malaysia, the low-grade mentality of “Kia-su” produces a bunch of low-grade customers in this industry.

I had encountered multiple customers from my own country who are behaving unprofessionally as if I have stolen something from them. There’s one of these bunch, he called me over the phone required me to build a cross-platform application and back-end for his start-up business. As the pandemic worsens, I dropped the price of a total of 180MYR for the entire project (Full-stack, Source Code Included). It is naive of me to think we both might become a partner in future, but the situation turned out to be complete nonsense lately. He told me all (the price, design, the code) was good as requested, but he began to DROP a SQL DATABASE table himself in “PHPMyAdmin” right after the payment was made and claimed I’ve been cheating for not doing the Database. But fortunately, I check the logger file, which the records of the IP address somehow matched the location of who DROP the TABLE. Anyway, I imported the backup into the database. (Luckily I have backups)
Since he got the source code, he demanded a full refund, which I feel absurd which led to a heated argument over the phone. I tried to maintain professional prospects while he gave me bad reviews that quote “I didn’t deliver the source code to him, the project undone and I’m cheating his money”.

Fortunately, Some of the former customers, correct his claim. It is hard to work for Malaysian Customers, For as they wanted something fast-delivered, robust, high quality, and for the cheapest price.


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Blockchain: Links And Resources (774)

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (774)

Man In the Middle Attack

A man-in-the-middle attack (MitM) is a form of active eavesdropping in which the attacker makes independent connections with the victims and relays messages between them, making them believe that they are talking directly to each other over a private connection, when in fact the entire conversation is controlled by the attacker.Usually, this is automatically done throught SSL certificates checked by your browser against a given set of recognized certificate authorities).

If you get a security exception message such as this one you might be the victim of a man-in-the-middle attack and should not bypass the warning unless you have another trusted way of checking the certificate’s fingerprint with the people running the service.But on top of that the certificate authorities model of trust on the Internet is susceptible to various methods of compromise.

 For example, on March 15, 2011, Comodo, one of the major SSL certificates authorities, reported that a user account with an affiliate registration authority had been compromised. It was then used to create a new user account that issued nine certificate signing requests for seven domains:,,, (three certificates),,, and global trustee.

Later in 2011, DigiNotar, a Dutch SSL certificate company, incorrectly issued certificates to a malicious party or parties. Later on, it came to light that they were apparently compromised months before, perhaps as far back as May of 2009, or even earlier. Rogue certificates were issued for domains such as,,, and many more.

Four Revolutions in the Earth Sciences: From Heresy to Truth — Science Book a Day

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