IPAY88 is the worst payment integration for software engineers!

In almost every application that has payment integration, a payment gateway is usually needed. Some businesses preferred Stripe, Brain-Tree, Senang-Pay, etc. I had done countless projects with these payment integrations either for back-end systems or mobile applications. Unfortunately, I had a tedious experience with the payment integration named IPAY88. IPAY88 is a popular payment gateway in South East Asia, they offer features for e-commerce, online banking, retails and e-wallets services.

Throughout my career, I had 5 times of bad experiences with IPAY88, whether the tech stack , services or the customer services. Compare to Stripe, IPAY88 is far behind. It is frustrating to use certain services from some companies which they well known for what they are, but their services say otherwise. These frustrating experiences which brought me about to list 4 exact reasons why IPAY88 is the worst amongst the worst.

Poor documentation.

In every development of SDK(s), API(s) or any other services in the technological worldview, a well-documented implementation of certain methods are compulsory. As a Senior Software Engineer, well-documented documentation includes the simple sequence diagram that explains what to expect from certain calls. Whether it is returning 200 or an exception. Lets’ put Stripe and IPAY88 into the comparison, in stripe the community and development team explain their product so well https://stripe.com/docs/api to the level, even junior developers can easily understand. But for Ipay88, documentation is only available after the payment of buying their services and is poorly written, and not specific. I go deep into the research, some of the documentation latest updates were from the years 2017 and 2014 combined.

Confused Customer Services.

The customer service representatives are mostly tech-ignorant I assumed, as most of them I spoke to with different phone numbers, they gave different answers on the payment integration and most of them I spoke to they even confuse with the MerchantCode, MerchantKey, and Merchant Login Credential. How good the product can be when themselves confused about which is what and which is which. It is your product, for God’s sake! If this ever happened in my department, most of us will immediately get fired by our employer. In stripe whenever I spoke a customer service representative, they make sure my issue is solved otherwise they won’t end the conversation. Some of them don’t know the intense technical features, they suggested speaking to the developer community directly in their discord server https://discord.gg/stripe. Speaking of Community which motivate me to raise point number 3. 

Missing Community.

Stripe provides a developers community and sometimes they do streaming tutorials on their products and their usage. But for IPAY88, it is almost impossible to get into a community as there’s isn’t one, but developers have to go through some projects in GitHub for the implementation.

Here’s a screenshot of stripe community from my discord of them in a live stream discussing the web-hooks features.

Expensive Fee.

RM 488 and 2.7% for credit card, 2.5% for debit card2.6% or minimum RM0.60 (whichever is higher) for local Online Banking and E-Wallet payment services With these performance?

For Stripe , no setup fees, reference https://stripe.com/en-my/pricing

In business, poor quality services will lead to the business downfall. Perhaps some of the services are bad by IPAY88 can simply explain the way they treated their employees. Refer to https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/iPay88-Reviews-E2340562.htm and https://www.jobstreet.com.my/en/companies/460708-ipay88-holding. Every business yearns to earn countless profits, but how it is unsatisfied employees and poor services are going to profit anyway. I believe usually developers choose to use ipay88 because of its name, not how good the services are, if they knew what services that good, they would switch to stripe.

Using IPAY88 are creating more problems within the systems in a long run than solving the actual problem. In my research, the number of dissatisfied customers is almost skyrocketed since 2017, and they don’t even bother as long as there’s money/profits from the fees. Here are some screenshots of the customer’s questions left unanswered.

So in my opinion, use Ipay88 for an application or system that is not design for the long run or stability. Try Stripe, braintree, Senangpay, or billplz for alternative.

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